Jewelry Consignment with Town Square Jewelers

Do you have a fine piece of jewelry you no longer wear? Are you tired of sifting through your overflowing jewelry box full of pieces you inherited or are no longer your style? Selling your undesired jewelry is an easy, quick, and profitable way to make some extra cash while in turn freeing up some space in your home.

Why Choose Us for Your Jewelry Consignment?

Most items sell within 90 days, and the consignor will receive a check 30 days after the piece sells.

Since 1993, Town Square Jewelers has been family owned and operated with an experienced team of dedicated jewelers. Instead of putting your safety at risk by posting an ad to sell your jewelry online, partnering with Town Square Jewelers maximizes convenience for the buyer and the seller. This guarantees you the best return on your investment with no risk of a stranger knocking on your door at home.

For your convenience, the entire consignment application process is available online. Combined with Town Square Jeweler’s central location, each piece is put on display in an exclusive consignment exhibit to amplify sales potential.

What You Need to Know about Jewelry Consignment with Us:

90 day Consignment Period

This begins when we put the piece in our first-class showcase for consignment. Consignors will be expected to pay a $75 exhibit fee for each piece every set 90 days prior to their piece being on display. If the item(s) sell during the first 90 days in the showcase this exhibit fee will be refunded.

Expert Assessment Fee

Anne Jeffres, our licensed gemologist, will personally grade and assess each individual piece’s value for a small fee of $20. After a wholesale price is determined, a Town Square Jeweler’s associate will call the potential consignor with the appropriate appraisal information. Once the consignor has a greater understanding of pricing and proceedings, we will present a Consignment Agreement with the terms and specifications of what is being sold. Consignor authorization will be necessary in order to effectively proceed.

60% Profit for You

If the piece sells the consignor receives 60% of the profit while Town Square only receives 40%.

Fine Jewelry Only

In order to best serve our consignors and to maximize your time and earnings, Town Square Jewelers solely consigns authentic, fine jewelry. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any costume or sterling silver jewelry with the exception of designer brands (Examples: David Yurman and Tiffany).