Custom Made Engagement Rings & Jewelry Design

Town Square Jewelers is your personal jeweler. Our peerless design experience will assist you in making a noteworthy, personal statement that mass-produced jewelry simply cannot capture. Using our computer-aided design system (CAD), custom designed jewelry is created, modified, and optimized to bring your dream jewelry to life.

Step 1

Your Custom Vision

The custom experience always begins with the Vision Stage. Your vision for a custom piece is the fuel that drives the design process. This stage begins when you sit with one of our designers to bring that vision to life. After sharing some ideas and a simple sketch, we’ll give you a price estimate to create your dream jewelry piece. If you have diamonds, gemstones, or existing jewelry that you would like to incorporate into the design, we would love to use them!

Step 2

Your Custom Model

The next stage in the design process, the Model Stage, begins after we have agreed on a design concept that you love. In this stage, we will create a custom drawing in our CAD (computer-aided design) software. Once the drawing is complete, we will submit a render for your preview via e-mail. Following your approval of the render, we will then print a 3D resin of the design for you to view in person; this resin replica will be an exact copy of your custom designed jewelry piece. The Model Stagetypically takes between 2 to 7 days.

Step 3

Your Custom Jewelry

The final stage of the design process is the Production Stage, which involves the actual creation of your dream jewelry. Once you’ve approved the 3D resin replica of your design, it will go into production. This involves casting the piece in your preferred metal, setting any stones, polishing, and adding the finishing touches. Once approved, this stage typically takes 1 – 2 weeks; however, it’s well worth the wait. Following production, your one-of-a-kind, custom design will be ready for you to wear!